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Welcome to N.C.O.B.O.A.

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Education Disclaimer

North Central Ohio Building Officials Association also known as N.C.O.B.O.A, sponsors monthly education for our members or guests through the support obtained through the Ohio Board of Building Standards and sponsored in part by resources from a number of industry partners.

North Central Ohio Building Officials Association, it’s Board of Directors and Officers appreciates that support, but also offers that it in no way endorses the business or products of any specific manufacturer over those of others.

It is the responsibility of the attendees to verify that the sign-in roster is properly filled out. It is also the responsibility of the attendees to insure that they properly sign in at the beginning of the course and sign out at the end. Failure to comply with these requirements, can eliminate any credit from the participation in the offered education.

The Education Committee takes every effort to insure that every attendee has complied with these requirements, but does not warrant such action.

If you have a question or wish an explanation, please contact the Education Committee or the Board.

The Education Committee